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Ethical Desert has been selling cold-hardy native plants in New Mexico and Colorado since 2017. We’re dedicated to offering plants and information that support long-term ecological balance and build a love of sustainable gardening. We promote water conservation by selling xeric plants that need minimal water and care once established. And we’re proud to use sustainable practices to grow and sell our desert plants.



We use coconut fiber called coir as our base soil media because peat moss is a non-renewable resource that’s hard on the environment, we have greatly cut back our usage of it. We use locally produced perlite and volcanic-based products mined in the same county where our nursery is located. we have also started experimenting with a new product made from recycled newspaper called Pittmoss.



We use recycled plastic pots, and we are experimenting with pots made of coir, rice and wheat as an alternative.



Our greenhouse fans are solar-powered. We’re working on a way to heat the greenhouses in a way that reduces our carbon footprint.



We collect our seed from our plants, and from plants in the wild. We follow the protocols of the federal Seeds for Success program, and never take more than 15 percent of the seed from wild plants.



We use recycled boxes, old newspaper and previously used products like peanuts to pack and ship our plants.

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