Aloe broomii var tarkaensis 'SNAKE ALOE' (MG 3514.4)

Aloe broomii var tarkaensis is in the top 3 for cold hardy species of Aloe for me in Pueblo Colorado. If kept dry the species can really take the cold during winter. This would definately be one to cover with a small tent of cover to prevent moisture from hitting the crown. Otherwise this aloe is very cold hardy. I have had it take 0F more than once and several nights of 2F under snow. It received tip damage all 3 times but it grew out of it fast. This plant can be kept in a container or in the ground. In the ground it will get very large, it a pot it will stay the same size of the pot for a long long time. This makes it a great patio plant if you are too nervous to try in the garden. Easily one of the most unique species of Aloe. Plants for sale are in 3" pots.  Seed was from Tarkastad, South Africa (MG 3514.4), this area has a wide variety of cold hardy succulents including bergeranthus jamesii.


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