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Aloe cooperi

Aloe cooperi

Aloe cooperi or Zulu Grass Aloe is an easy to grow aloe that is fairly cold hardy. At 16F the plants had died to the ground, but regrew the following spring being decidious is helpful when surving 0F. This would be a plant I suggest to mulch as it seems to help. One other thing to note is that plants are not the most drought tolerant species, they require a good amount of moisture in growing seasons and drier in winter. Treat plants like Red-hot Pokers (kniphofia sp.) and you will have a large clump of plants. Would be a species to try in a colder garden to see how truly hardy this species can be.


I do not guarantee these in a zone 6/7 because everyones growing conditions are different but this would be a good trial plant to grow in your cold outdoor garden. Try to plant outdoor 90 days before 1st hard freeze. 


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