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Aloe polyphylla 'Spiral Aloe' - Seed Grown

Aloe polyphylla 'Spiral Aloe' - Seed Grown

Aloe polyphylla aka the Spiral Aloe. These were seed grown from a location in Lesotho. This is a mythical unicorn amongst aloe and succulent growers. These plants have done fine for me even when the high temperatures reached 110F but the night temperature cooled down into the 80s. The key is to cool down at night. I have tried this seed batch 3 winters in a row and not one has survived below 0F. I suspect if you protected the plant below these temperatures you could make it work. these plants are really zone 7 plants with a tempermental summer dislike. They do really like water and grow in prehistoric peat fields on top of granite mountains. They get snow and summer rainfall. They really like water, but make sure when its hot that you water after dark so you dont bake the roots. This is really more for the experienced growers or enthusiests whom are willing to take the risks.



I do not guarantee these in a zone 5/6/7 beacuse everyones growing conditions are different.

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