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Aloinopsis spathulata "WHITE RABBIT"

Aloinopsis spathulata "WHITE RABBIT"

Aloinopsis spathulata (syn: Nananthus spathulata) can take -10F if good drainage is provided. Has proven hardy in Colorado at several locations along the front range. Plants can reach 10" across and flower during the spring and fall months. They can put on quite a display. Probably the easiest Aloinopsis to grow outside with Iceplants. 


Like the normal species except plants start off with white flowers and fade to pinkish flowers on the later days. Plants are very rare and we only have a few to offer.


I do not guarantee these in a zone 5/6/7 because everyones growing conditions are different but this would be a good trial plant to grow in your cold outdoor garden. Try to plant outdoor 90 days before 1st hard freeze. 


Shipping: Packages can be held for a specific date. Please see our shipping section for information.

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