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Cheiridopsis namaquaensis (syn: C. cigarretifera)

Cheiridopsis namaquaensis (syn: C. cigarretifera)

Cheiridopsis namaquaensis is the toughest species in the genus. The seed came from Panayoti Kelaidis years ago and been growing as a pet in our greenhouse for several years. We planted several in the garden last year and i didnt have any die taking -8F with a light snow cover and -2F with no snow cover. However the year before none of them survived the -17F and week long freezing. Needs to be a tester in your garden. Plants tolerate water year round and or dry in winter like I treat them. Plants require fast draining soil. 


I do not guarantee these in a zone 5/6/7 because everyones growing conditions are different but this would be a good trial plant to grow in your cold outdoor garden. Try to plant outdoor 90 days before 1st hard freeze. 


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