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Echinocereus carmenensis

Echinocereus carmenensis

Echinocereus carmenensis is a very rare species for sale. Ive only seen it for sale maybe 2 times. It is in the Echinocereus viridiflorus/russanthus complex found only on Sierra de Carmen south of Big Bend National park in Mexico. It is hardy for us taking -17F but these plants were in a protected place. We have had them for a number of years. They are more touchy like Echinocereus russanthus. These plants start out fuzzy like echinocereus canus and several of the plants for sale will still have this fuzz. Flowers smell like chocolate.


Try at your own risk, would say its for intermediate growers and not a begginers plant.


We share our experiences to help with your own trials of cold hardiness. We do not guarantee these plants in any garden or zone. Every garden is different and everyones growing conditions are different. Please try plants at your own risk, I do not want to be misleading to anyone.


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