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Echinocereus x roetteri White Flower form

Echinocereus x roetteri White Flower form

Echinocereus x roetteri or Hybrid Claret Cup Cactus is one of the most cold hardy cactus. The plants  all flowered white or white-pink like the photos. We were keeping these to get seed off of and we did. So these are larger plants with whicked spines. Not a common plant or form.


The original seed for the parent plants was collected near Oro Grande, NM in the Jarilla mountains. Plants were growing at 4600ft on east facing exposures. Echinocereus x roetteri is a natural occuring hybrid between Echinocereus coccineus ssp. rosei and Echinocereus dasyacantha. These plants can have very interesting colored flowers. These are large orange flowers and appear in May to July and are Hummingbird Magnets. Stems can get 24" tall and usually clump out to 30" wide. Plants have taken -22F in our dry Colorado garden but should really be given good drainage to make work in a cold garden.


I do not guarantee these in a zone 5/6 because everyones growing conditions are different but this would be a good trial plant to grow in your cold outdoor garden. Try to plant outdoor 90 days before 1st hard freeze. 


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