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Mangave 'Falling Waters'

Mangave 'Falling Waters'

xMangave 'Falling Waters' is an interesting Mangave in that it has taken a good amount of cold. It took down to 2F and seemed unphased. Our winters havent been cold enough to get better data on cold hardiness. This plant can really get some good red color with 5+ hours of direct daylight. Plants near Amarillo, TX froze to the ground at -5F and came back the following spring around mid May.


A larger form Mangave that's perfect for being a centerpiece or focal point in your garden or containers. Large, wide blue-green leaves are lightly speckled with dark spotting. A waxy coating gives the plant more of a silvery blue look. Its low, wide habit has leaves that arch downwards at the tips, perfect for framing containers. 


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