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Penstemon 'Cherry Sparks'

Penstemon 'Cherry Sparks'

Penstemon 'Cherry Sparks' is a medium sized species that can reach 30" across but it has many red flowers on 30" flower spikes in early may, plants will also rebloom in september. Plants are a man made sterile hybrid that enjoy filtered shade part of the day.  These plants are a little less xeric than the other Penstemon offered but still tough large plants.

zones 5-9


Plants have been growing outside and are ready to go into the garden. We have had several mornings in the mid-30s and highs around 95F. Fall is the best time to plant perennials because the plants are very cold hardy and are not being stressed by high temperatures. Plus plants are likely to bloom in spring.



We are not inspected to ship perennials to most states. We are not held liable for customs confiscation of plants. However we will replace or refund plants that are damaged in transit (per usual). We dont actually use soil in most of our mixes so we dont break most states import laws.  

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